children and family escape room.

  • Wheelchair accessible and accessible to all players.
  • Req. group size of 3-10 guests.
  • One-hour escape room experience.


Planet X

Embark on an interstellar adventure with "Planet X," the thrilling space/alien-themed escape room at Venture Scapes! Perfect for families, this immersive experience where you'll solve the mystery of who has been trying to steal the planets of the galaxy! With your intergalatic spy skills you'll venture into space to find and break into a secret lair to stop the thief. Decipher cryptic clues to save the Earth. Are you ready for the ultimate cosmic challenge? Book your "Planet X" adventure today and create out-of-this-world memories at Venture Scapes!

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The tomb

Venture Scapes invites you to unravel the mysteries of "The Tomb," an enthralling tomb/ancient Egypt-themed escape room that starts in a lush rainforest and leads you to a hidden tomb. Perfect for teams, birthday parties, and escape room enthusiasts of all ages, "The Tomb" offers a captivating adventure filled with intricate puzzles and enigmatic secrets. Unearth the treasures buried within and conquer "The Tomb" at Venture Scapes!

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